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So you want to modify your child support order?

Overwhelmingly when couples with children split they eventually end up in court for one reason or another to sort out differences related to the child. Sometimes its custody, but often it’s about… Child Support. One parent wants it, the other parent wants to pay a little as possible. But what happens if that minimum amount becomes too much because you’ve lost your job? Or, you simply don’t want to pay that amount anymore? Or, you feel you are entitled to more child support because of the child’s wants and demands? In those cases you might consider filing documents to get your child support order modified. Well, in Texas, before you file, you need to ask yourself these questions…

  1. Have my or my child’s living conditions changed materially and significantly since the judge signed my last child support order? or

  2. Has it been three years since my last child support order was signed by a judge, AND is the person obligated to pay child support making more money or less money?

If you answered yes to question 1 or yes to both parts of question 2, you MIGHT be in good shape to request a modification of your child support order. Whether you are wanting the other person to pay more, or seeking a modification so that you can pay less, I caution you before you file, because there is always the risk that a judge could make you pay more money per month or reduce the other person’s monthly child support obligation. You should seek good and competent legal counsel if you are considering modifying your child support order. Without legal counsel, you could easily end up getting the exact opposite of the modification you were hoping for.

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